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2014 in-depth Interview-Ula Einstein is a New York City-based artist who is remarkably in tune with her process I would say she does a better job at describing her work and inspirations than many artists I’ve interviewed to date. From the humble to the sublime” http://artbookguy.com/ula-einstein-ordinary-meets-sacred_758.html

A Swiss born multi-disciplinary artist, Üla’s work is internationally exhibited in galleries, museums, and non-profit art spaces, and included among numerous collectors.

Einstein enjoys guest lecturing about her work and engaging with the public.

 In an expanded art practice, both abstract and conceptual, Üla explores a range of materials and tools. Her images are extracted from an array of influences (spheres, lines, fossils, codes, arteries, the spine, skin, filters, water, fire, air, traces, web, text, heiroglyphics, hybrid works organic and synthetic). Using the inspiration of the material’s characteristics as a starting point, the urge to change, advance, conceal, and unconceal, as the particular work takes form, transforms materials beyond their original function.  With gesture, drawing out, and layering, material and process, revelatory of each other; making is part of the content. Her installations – components created in the studio, are reconfigured in each exhibition.  Further stretching the work, Einstein explores the paradox of substance/fragility, shadow/light, rupture/repair, absence/presence.


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ULA EINSTEIN @ opening of As You Like It, Heidi Cho Gallery, NYC