About Ula Einstein

Ula Einstein is a multi-disciplinary maker with an expanded art practice, living and working in NYC. Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and non-profit exhibition spaces. http://linkedin.com/ulaeinstein http://www.facebook.com/ULAEINSTEIN http://www.twitter.com/noformULA http://ps1.org/studio-visit/artist/ula-einstein http://www.re-title.org/artists/Ula-Einstein.asp

‘The Piece as A Living Object’ – Opening Nov. 21

I’M Delighted to INVITE YOU!  ‘The Piece As Living Object
3 Artist Exhibition – Nov. 21 – Dec. 2, 2014
ÙLA EINSTEIN, Ivan Stojakovic, Michael Kukla

*Opening: Friday, November 21st 7:00-9:00pm

*Print Catalogue included
DeKalb Gallery – Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn NY
Monday – Saturday 12 – 6pm
(closed Thanksgiving Day)
Image: detail of Vestige & Memory, mixed media @Ula Einstein

Vestige and Memory, a detail ©Ula Einstein

Vestige and Memory, a detail ©Ula Einstein













New Works In Progress!

Here are 4 of the new works – Cosmic Vibrations; vortex in our orbit .  Fire, hot glue, Prismacolor premium on paper:  Dimensions vary.     Available for purchase. Email me.

Skull ©Ula Einstein

Skull, vortex 1 ©Ula Einstein










Sea Orbit 2 ©Ula Einstein

Cosmic Vibration, vortex in orbit #2 ©Ula Einstein












Cosmic Vibration; vortex in our orbit #7 ©Ula Einstein

Cosmic Vibration; vortex in our orbit #7 ©Ula Einstein 


“Libro Arte/Abierto” -Open Book Art

Thank you Dr. Hortensia Minguez, professor of art, and Adán Sáenz, assistant professor of art  at University of Ciudad Juarez, for including some of my work in the publication which was also in exhibition at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art.


“Libro Arte/Abierto”, which can be roughly translated as “Open Book Art” – About book arts and alternative printmaking published by the University of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) and the University

of Chihuahua.

Libro Arte_Abierto