About Ula Einstein

Ula Einstein's expanded art practice involves experimenting with a range of tools, materials, and methods. Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and non-profit exhibition spaces. http://www.twitter.com/noformULA http://www.facebook.com/ULAEINSTEIN Artists Space http://local-artists.org/user/4778 http://www.saatchionline.com/ulaeinstein http://ps1.org/studio-visit/artist/ula-einstein http://www.re-title.org/artists/Ula-Einstein.asp

The Artist Catalogue- Spring Feature

I am a featured artist in the 2014 Spring Issue of The Artist Catalogue, a quarterly fine art publication, in print and online: http://www.theartistcatalogue.com/low_res/Spring_2014_Volume_3_Issue_1.pdf  (scroll down the pdf)                     www.theartistcatalogue.com  


Einstein Revealed: Interview w/artbookguy

Here’s the in-depth Interview about my work
Included in “100 hottest Artists to watch in 2014″

“Üla Einstein is a New York City-based artist (http://ulaeinstein.com) who is remarkably in tune with her process. I would say she does a better job at describing her work and inspirations than many artists I’ve interviewed to date.”   – Michael Corbin

Mapping Autonomy - work in progress ©Ula Einstein

Mapping Autonomy – work in progress ©Ula Einstein