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My photographs from the temporary and site specific installations of THE UNWINDING DESTINY PROJECT  included in Infinite Instances, Studies and Images of Time –  Scientists, Artists, Writers

YOUTUBE:  The Unwinding Destiny Project installation/ photography -Curator Gavin Keeney who showed the work in Shadowlands, writes:  “the little film is pulsing and gorgeous” 

photography, C-Prints, text, texture, eggshells, ulaeinstein, nyc artist

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein

Absence/Presence:  one of the works from Hybrid In(tervention) exhibited in FLUX Art Fair, NYC in May 2015!  I hand-cut, manipulate, re-metabolize, without prior sketching #skin #terrain #topography #aerialview #micro #macro #process. Yes to commission requests!

positive/negative space, hand cut, manipulate, materiality,  abstraction

Absence/Presence (detail on the R) ©Ula Einstein