NYC Exhibit Extended ! Chewing Tar

Artists' Talk - November 4th, Friday, 6-9 pm, Lichtundfire, 175 Rivington St., NYC Chewing Tar:  Industrial Materials in the Service of Art -  Exhibit Extended through December 11th, 2016.
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Industrial Materials in the Service of Art Sept 11 - Dec. 4

And the indepth - interview just came out - also about my work with industrial materials -  delighted to share the link
DuPont Corporation called my work 'amazing'
and conducted an in-depth Interview with me about my innovative use of their product
...straddling the space between painting and sculpture

DuPont Interviews Ula Einstein

Delighted to share ! The head of NA Marketing of DuPont Corporation, calls my work  'amazing'. The Global Marketing Communications Manager then set up an in-depth interview with me about my process and transformative work using one of their products- Tyvek - ...straddling the space between painting and sculpture. Thank you for our dialogue! substrates/documents/Tyvek_Graphics_21935_Einstein_Case_Study.pdf #art #nyc #Tyvek #innovation #contemporaryartist #abstractart #culture #materialculture
@Ula Einstein

@Ula Einstein

Artsy Feature !

Several of my works are FEATURED on ARTSY  - October 2016 via SpotteArt repping

"everything we touch leaves a change" -  Ula Einstein

With a gesture, drawing out, and layering, material and process, revelatory of each other; making is part of the content. Drawn to the potential of tools and materials beyond their original function, my practice is inspired by chance, control and uncertainty.
The particular works on ARTSY are available only through
who is featuring my work for the next 3 months!
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What Kate sees…Art feature

Thank you Kate for discovering my work online and blogging about it!
"Upon investigation, Ula’s delicate works on paper are completely captivating." 
So many things you can see in these pieces made simply from...
FEATURED: My drawings with fire and bladecuts.
Over Time, detail ©Ula Einstein

Over Time, detail ©Ula Einstein


President of Tiffany’s favors Einstein

pressQuinn Translation: The President of Tiffany & Co - who first saw my work in Line, Gesture, Space, in 2008,  before coming to a studio visit,  had an extensive interview in Italian Life Style Magazine.  Mr. Quinn names NYC based artist Üla Einstein as one of the two favorite artists appreciated by he and his wife, and whose works they collect.  The six-page interview is by Alessandra Farkas, US Correspondent for Corriere della Serra.