T E X T U R E: Opening May 30th NYC

OPENING OF T E X T / U R E  — May 30th, Tuesday 6-9 pm

Shirley Fiterman Art Center – Curator, kristen frederickson

81 Barclay St, NYC THROUGH SEPT 9, 2017


Some works from The Unwinding Destiny Project will be included

My ongoing exploration set in diverse terrain and environment is about time, consumption, the weight and fragility of words: direct, cryptic, or unspoken, to diminish and/or empower.  Over time messages we are exposed to become ‘imprints.’  What messages filter in, which do we challenge?   Language has limitations which often supersede our immediate affectivity of sensory and visceral experience, yet also has great potential to connect and reach us. 
nyc, artists, contemporary, tactile, text, textures

Interview: I think about skin…the tactile

JUNE 2016 INTERVIEW – process, influences, and other things you didn’t know about me

“I think about skin, the tactile connection between our interior and exterior. What touches us before we have language for it…”
Ula Einstein, NYC