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Rauschenberg, Warhol, Einstein – Everhart Museum

EVERHART MUSEUM OF SCIENCE, CULTURE and ART:  PA  August –  Dec. 31, 2011, an exhibition with work by artists who employ materials from plant derivations

Buds, Blooms & Berries: Plants in Science, Culture & Art:  Where would we be if we didn’t have plants? Plants are undeniably important to every living creature on Earth. Food, shelter, health, culture and art are all dependent on the use of plants, both in tangible and figurative ways. Buds, Blooms & Berries is a multi-disciplinary exhibit highlighting the Everhart Museum’s scientific collections and its historic Twining Herbarium, ethnographic materials depicting plants and trees, and contemporary art reflecting how botanicals impact today’s societies and mindset. Plants are an important element of the world’s ecosystem, producing oxygen, consuming carbon dioxide, providing nourishment and aesthetic inspiration, as well as function for human and animal shelter and tools around the world. Plants are also some of the earliest living things as represented by fossils in the Museum’s permanent collection.

I travelled to the Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA on Sunday. My cousin who I refer to as Martha Jean (the Queen) drove us.  I was as jarred and saddened to witness all the deer-kill along the roads, as I was surprised and delighted to witness my  labor intensive tactile works on paper, hanging alongside work by 20th Century giants Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Part of a long stream and thread…of art history…  Conjured up thoughts about what we are drawn to create, to express, contributing to a larger dialogue.  I love paper for its forgiving qualities.

(r)Cosmic Narrative I,  (L) Timeless  ©Ula Einstein

in order, Einstein, Rauschenberg, Warhol 2011, Everhart Museum

Below – ECHOES, mixed media installation of 55 hemispheric skins- Detail  2011



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ArtistsSpace, NYC
Saatchi  Selected Artist
PS1 Studio Visit

My Works on Paper are in the Flat Files at PIEROGI GALLERY IN WILLIAMSBURG, NY


Scales (mixed media) ©Ula Einstein 2008

Echoes - mixed media paper installation ©Ula Einstein 2011


ECHOES,  expanded ©Ula Einstein 2011