Tools of her Trade

Here are some of the tools of my trade.   This ‘set up’ was the opening to the studio interview about my expanded art practice and process on La Biennale tv  –

I met the vibrant Italian women ( producer, and photographer) in NYC, from Labiennale tv in 2010 where they first saw my work at opening at exhibition in NYC.
Returning to NYC in 2011, they included a feature my work in their documentation about culture in NYC.

EinsteinTools of her Trade

The Unwinding Destiny Project-youtube

My photographs from the temporary and site specific installations of THE UNWINDING DESTINY PROJECT  included in Infinite Instances, Studies and Images of Time –  Scientists, Artists, Writers

YOUTUBE:  The Unwinding Destiny Project installation/ photography -Curator Gavin Keeney who showed the work in Shadowlands, writes:  “the little film is pulsing and gorgeous” 

photography, C-Prints, text, texture, eggshells, ulaeinstein, nyc artist

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein, NYC. One of the works from Hybrid In(tervention) exhibited in FLUX Art Fair, NYC in May 2015!  I hand-cut, manipulate, re-metabolize, without prior sketching #skin #terrain #topography #aerialview #materialabstraction #surfacetension Ask me about commissions/

positive/negative space, hand cut, manipulate, materiality, abstraction

Absence/Presence (detail on the R) ©Ula Einstein