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Follow your creative urge and get your creativity in motion!  My mission is to move you forward…StimULAte your genuine creativity  ~~ if you’ve been on the start/stop/detour/start track and require  help in direction and focus…. overcome self-sabotaging and experience the benefits of working with a caring inspired coach.   Get Revitalized and on Track!

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The satisfaction of the creative impulse is a basic, biological need, essential to
the health of the individual.  Its aggregate effect on the health of society is inestimable“-Mark Rothko-

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Questions to Ask When Deciding A Coach / Mentor ?

Don’t Block The Light aka Listen from the Inside/Out….trust our instincts!


Here are Questions to ask yourself when making the important decision regarding the coach/mentor to work with… to move you forward!  Of course, word of mouth is helpful.

VIBRATIONAL MATCH: Do you have a gut feeling that the person is a good fit? In our culture of speed- we can sometimes bypass and neglect our instincts ….listen to your body when on an initial phone consultation. If the hair on my arm rises, it’s telling me to question this.

INSPIRATION: The desire to work with this mentor comes from – fear or inspiration? Are you considering working with this mentor or coach because their marketing presence has created the shakes in you as to what will happen if you don’t work with them? OR are you contemplating it because you feel inspired about that person being able to help foster and ENCOURAGE YOUR CREATIVITY!?

ADMIRATION: Do you see something in them or their art/creativity/business something that you admire or want to have?   Have they achieved something that you want to achieve? If so, then it is likely they can help guide you there.

The PATH: Where are they on the journey of developing their creativity/art/business? A few steps ahead of you, or many steps ahead of you? Of course, this is relative. I know I like to work with people who are more advanced than I, because I am there for “mentoring” and at the same time  feel would also remember what it was like to be where I am now.   Because I have much experience in my own work, and my own new projects – I know what it is to be beginning and/in advanced stages as well.

Free 1/2 hour initial phone consultation anywhere in the USA.  SKYPE elsewhere!  Rates for one-on-one coaching and/or and a 7 weeks to Creativity group program are discussed when we connect over phone or Skype 

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What clients say:

3 client recommendations on LinkedIn ~ See below.

A client I worked with over 4 months time just posted this.  As of Feb. 2012 Annette will rent her first working studio ever!

Ula is tremendously gifted as a creativity coach. The results of our work together have been absolutely tangible: I have overcome a huge block and am now engaged in a creative process I literally contemplated for years. More importantly, I have learned to integrate artwork into my daily schedule as a practical, ongoing, step-by-step process that is fully compatible with the myriad responsibilities of a busy life. Ula brings deep life experience to her coaching, and a remarkable ability to intuit in the moment what is going on with you, what you need to hear and what you need to do. She is quick and articulate, devising brilliant exercises on a dime. She has a remarkable ability to re-frame a scenario, consistently offering clarity and a fresh perspective. She creates a framework for partnership that feels safe, committed, and loving. She has the highest integrity and seriousness of purpose, and she’s also a lot of fun. It has been my great honor to work with her.                    -A.Trivette, Graphic Designer – MA –


2) Worked for several months with a client longing to be reignited with her creative passions

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“”I worked with Ula as my creativity coach for a few months as I sought to explore and (re)connect with the creative aspects of my life and career. I found Ula extremely engaging, and thought provoking. Her sensitivity and deep listening were invaluable bringing much clarity in identifying my own blocks, and how I was stuck in old patterns of undervaluing myself and interests. Using her wisdom, insight, and experience to reframe my circumstances and approach, contributed to my opening up to more of what is possible. She stuck with me all the way, and was always encouraging. I am moving forward in my own practice now and valuing my self and creative interests. I admire that Ula also practices all she preaches as she is always stepping into the unknown in her own path and work. Her invention, playfulness, and even whimsy in her art are also unique and thoughtful.  A real Coach with a living present and vibrant testimony, Ula brings her own inspiration to the process. Thanks Ula, Samurai StimULAtor!   -Annabella Roig Vice President, Esperanza, Inc. Philadelphia, PA” –  January 16, 2012


3) A client so moved by a breakthrough session she got inspired to write…

As a theatre artist interested in continuously breaking through to new levels of creativity, I’ve found working with master coach Ula a great catalyst for action. Ula’s experience as a successful working artist has proven indispensable in getting me to the next requisite creative leap.

Finding myself at yet another crossroads with my EDEN project, I worked with Ula. and was amazed at her presence, intuition and capability. She quickly grounded the issues, and constructively cut through certain blocks to help me find the optimum path back to my own deepest knowing on how to move the vision forward into the world.

Ula’s wise reading of the blocks while framing and re-framing the issue, prompted an immediate shift that facilitated simple and direct actions in a new direction. Her recommendations, which included re-introducing a more playful, experimental, open approach to the process, resonated deeply, relieving months of being quite stuck at a critical juncture that felt like an either/or dilemma.

I highly recommend Ula Einstein as a master coach, to any individual, whether an artist or business professional, regardless of industry or discipline. Whether you find yourself at a difficult crossroads; wading in a complex and growing project; in need of a brainstorming session; or, finally very interested in developing your own creative emergence, I highly recommend availing yourself of Ula’s powerful intuitive sense of direction. Ula truly brings all of her experience and creativity as a practicing visual and performance artist to her coaching.
Alana Ruben Free, Beginner at Life, Playwright/Director

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Rates for one-on-one coaching and/or and a 7 Weeks to Creativity group program are discussed when we connect over phone or Skype