Get Bold — A client spells it out!

“That is FANTASTIC that you’re doing creativity consultations, I can really imagine how skilled you would be at this. The world Needs you!” –   JudyAnne P., NYC

Helen M. a recent client of mine wrote me this – it is a beautiful thankx from a beautiful client!

“I had a creativity consultation with Ula Einstein not long ago – I don’t believe she mentioned her coaching activities (facilitator of unleashing the creative potential)  in her posts,  but she is a master at bringing out what you already know but somehow haven’t become aware of on a conscious level.  Those of you who have checked out the links to her work already know that she is an awesomely innovative artist in many different media.  She is an artist who truly embodies her authentic self, and this is evident when you see her work.  This makes her very qualified to bring out creativity in others that comes from one’s essence.  In our sessions, she guided me to realize that not only did I actually have some creativity, but that it was connected with what I really love most to do, WRITING.

Pretend, for a moment, that I’m an art critic (of course I’m not an expert, and I actually have rather conservative tastes – but suspend disbelief momentarily, OK?).  Here’s my review:

Ula’s mission as an artist is to “co-create culture.”  She drills down into the essence of things, of concepts, of ideas, of thoughts, and brings her visions into physical form in a powerful way that evokes in the viewer new ways of looking at familiar concepts.  Not everything she does is “pretty,” but everything has a purpose, and if you look with an open mind, you will learn something, not only about Ula, but about yourself and our collective culture.”

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