NYC Opening: If You Build It – June 25

The Unwinding Destiny Project 
Another site aware installation will be on view with
No Longer Empty 
NYC Opening Reception: June 25 from 7-9pm
Exhibition dates: June 25 to August 10, 2014
Thur – Fri 3 – 7 pm,  Sat- Sun 12 – 6pm
At the corner of 155th and St. Nicholas Ave – Art in Flux # 3F
Located in a new public housing project designed by David Adjaye.
Artists and arts organizations from Harlem and beyond will create
a unique exhibit on 3 floors of this revolutionary new building.
from The Unwinding Destiny Project ©Ula Einstein

from The Unwinding Destiny Project ©Ula Einstein








Ula’s expanded art practice explores the intrinsic connection between destruction and creation.  The almost weightless humble materials employed in creating this site-aware installation consists of broken shells saved from all the eggs she’s consumed for more than 8 years. The shells are first soaked to release their inner membrane, ‘tattooed’ with text, and  arranged on a textured terrain of unwound tapes displaced from old cassettes.  The ongoing exploration is about time, consumption, the weight and fragility of words: direct, cryptic, or unspoken, to diminish and/or empower.  Over time messages we are exposed to become ‘imprints.’  What messages do we embrace, or challenge?   Language has limitations which often supersede our immediate affectivity of sensory and visceral experience, yet also has great potential to connect and reach us.  A shell alludes to both protection and limitation. The tapes reflect personal and cultural conditioned recordings looped in our mind.


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