3 thoughts on “Joy of Flocking

  1. Ula..I’m so pleased to have discovered your blog…it’s like a gift to see not only your images but to also read your pithy commentaries….
    the Bergdorf window is fabulously fanciful and every one of your posts fills the bill as a stimULAtor…congrats a thousand times over for the beauty and wonder of being in the museum exhibition in the company of the Big Boys…their work is honored to be close to yours ‘- )

    Finding the Ruby Slippers simply resting under the trees and having the wherewithal to dash back to the studio to grab your camera is our good fortune…I am dazzled to see them and to know that they were just waiting there ** for you**.

    Your work touches my heart…you are creating, to my eye, an outpicture of the strength and grace and beauty and delicacy of all that we are now on watch to protect and treasure. You stand for and give voice to the natural power and overflowing dazzle of this magnificent world…you capture light in your work with paper and you drench the day in color… all your own…. as you play through your camera’s eye. P O W E R F U L L

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