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My Works on Paper are in the Flat Files at PIEROGI GALLERY IN WILLIAMSBURG, NY


Scales (mixed media) ©Ula Einstein 2008

Echoes - mixed media paper installation ©Ula Einstein 2011


ECHOES,  expanded ©Ula Einstein 2011

7 thoughts on “LINKS TO MY WORK!!

  1. I adore your work, Ula. It’s spectacular. Your pieces are so diverse and yet each one has its own special heart and soul. Thank you for using your incredible gift in the world and bringing it others such as me.

  2. “Oh, MY, Ula. A-mazing work. Wow.”

    And now that I’m looking at your work again, I continue to be flubbergusted in awe of your vision and how I want to touch, smell, taste dive into your work. The textures, the colors, the lines, the energy all draw me in. I hope to be in a city where you are exhibiting so I can do all that. When will you be in California? I live closer to SF but would make a trip to LA if you were there.

    Thanks so much for bringing your vision into form so that we are gifted with it. xoxoxooxox

  3. muchas merci worley girl.
    appreciate the feedback.
    finally figured out how to add a pic in the header!

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