2015 In-depth Interview

Pleased to share the March In-depth INTERVIEW

My sensibility is that of a builder. Chance, control and uncertainty are collaborative elements in exploring the potential of tools and materials beyond their original function. Surfaces, alluding to skin, artifacts, topographies, are the tactile connection between the interior and exteriorI’m interested in what is not readily apparent; my frequent experience that things are not as they first appear.  I think about the human condition, in motion, beauty, and creative tensions
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Scales ©Ula Einstein from Hybrid In(ter)vention

Scales ©Ula Einstein
from Hybrid In(ter)vention


What Kate sees…Art feature

Thank you Kate for discovering my work online and blogging about it!
“Upon investigation, Ula’s delicate works on paper are completely captivating.” 
So many things you can see in these pieces made simply from…
FEATURED: My drawings with fire and bladecuts.
Over Time, detail ©Ula Einstein

Over Time, detail ©Ula Einstein


NYC: Urban Utopia Exhibition 4/21-5/28

Shadowing Nature - detail

Happy Spring Fever You are invited:

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…in the trajectory of the details lies the universal.

URBAN UTOPIA  April 21 – May 28.   curated by Heidi Lee,  Karline Moeller, Anastasia Rogers.
32 Greene Street (bet. Grand and Canal Sts) Soho, NYC

OPENING  APRIL 28  WEDNESDAY   6 – 9 pm   –  I will be there, come visit in  NYC!

Above:  Shadowing Nature  –  detail  45″ x 40 mixed media, Tyvek, branch   ©Ula Einstein 2009

U L A   E I N S T E I N  —  works on paper, balloons, latex gloves,  installation, objects, sculpture

Artists Space:http://local-artists.org/user/4778

THE BOOK: A Contemporary View


– opening Dec. 22  –  April 17, 2011-Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts,

May 5 –  Oct. 31, 2011 – Towson University Art Gallery, MD

THE BOOK: A CONTEMPORARY VIEW, Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery  @ Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, My book related works are deconstructed books, mostly illegible text, scrolls or burnt manuscript type work – fractions, fragments, decoding, reinterpreting, altering-

Hard To Tell, Accordian Deconstructed books ©Ula Einstein

J. Susan Isaacs, PhD., Curator of Special Projects, has organized this exhibition to take into account many approaches. Participating artists include Blanka Amezuka, Melissa Jay Craig, Colette Fu, Jody Alexander, Buzz Spector, Brian Dettmer, Doug Beube, and ULA EINSTEIN, the deconstructed book (with fire drawings). The exhibition will present, through the work of many nationally known artists, various conceptual and formal approaches related to the idea of the book  –

Decoding ©Ula Einstein