Decanted Design Features my artwork

Thank you Penny for discovering my work online and featuring it in ART on DECANTED DESIGN … Swiss born, NYC based artist Ula Einstein transforms…

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Ula Einstein, nyc artist, additive, subtractive processes, material interference

February 2010 Exhibition

under the microscope

Scrutiny – diptych, drawing with thread on tarlatan, layered

For the month of February several of my drawings with thread on tarlatan, and drawings with fire and sculpture will be here:

TRANSCENDING HISTORY:   Moving Beyond the Legacy of Slavery and The Holocaust.   Vivant Art  Gallery,   Philadelphia, PA   curators:  Jane Golden, Laura Kruger, Pier Marton, Florcy Morisset, Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Ph.D


THE BOOK: A Contemporary View

– opening Dec. 22  –  April 17, 2011-Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts,

May 5 –  Oct. 31, 2011 – Towson University Art Gallery, MD

THE BOOK: A CONTEMPORARY VIEW, Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery  @ Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, My book related works are deconstructed books, mostly illegible text, scrolls or burnt manuscript type work – fractions, fragments, decoding, reinterpreting, altering-

Hard To Tell, Accordian Deconstructed books ©Ula Einstein

J. Susan Isaacs, PhD., Curator of Special Projects, has organized this exhibition to take into account many approaches. Participating artists include Blanka Amezuka, Melissa Jay Craig, Colette Fu, Jody Alexander, Buzz Spector, Brian Dettmer, Doug Beube, and ULA EINSTEIN, the deconstructed book (with fire drawings). The exhibition will present, through the work of many nationally known artists, various conceptual and formal approaches related to the idea of the book  –

Decoding ©Ula Einstein