Stop Holding Your Breath~in Culture Catch

“The works…have an air of fragility, they are temporal but at the same time question something bigger than the here and now”   – Michelina DocimoULA10-28-banner

~~ Delighted to share the art review in CULTURE CATCH on my series Stop Holding Your Breath – “small threaded text based works on paper, is my exploration on slowing down in our culture of speed and often chaos, to connect and communicate, responding vs. reacting… ”

These works are available directly through me; My  facebook page  has the album:


2012: The Drop NYC/Urban Art Infill, Chelsea 2010

love conquers all ©Ula Einstein 2011

2012 The Drop NYC was an inspired exhibition for 6 weeks in a pop-up gallery in Chelsea. The 26 artists showing installations included Yoko Ono’s The Wishing Tree installed next to my ongoing installation/photography The Unwinding Destiny Project. Here’s a detail of the installation/photography project.  Some of the limited edition C-Prints are also included with my works on paper in flat files at Pierogi in Williamsburg., 177 N. 9th St.

The Unwinding Destiny Project ©Ula Einstein

Numerous works updated in 5 portfolios here: ArtistsSpace, NYC

FUTURECULTURE features Stop Holding Your Breath

Hand Made Lo-Tech Threaded Text Messages- gets posted on a blog by Douglas Turner


see this same album and purchase from here:

from the series: Stop Holding Your Breath ©Ula Einstein 2010

Power of Words

Words do not label things already there. Words are like the knife of a carver; They free the idea, the thing, from the general formlessness of the outside.  As a man speaks, not only is his language in a state of birth, but also the very thing about he is talking. –  Intuit wisdom –

only here it’s me, a Woman talking <g> This is influenced from the way pop culture is redefining things, ie. Green is the new Black, 50 is the new 30 (crazy stuff) and now mine is Clarity IS the new Sexy ©Ula Einstein 2010

threaded text messages

Stop Holding Your Breath: installation ©Ula Einstein 2010
Artists Space

Books without Words, Words without Books June 2010

postcard for June 2010 exhibition

It turns out in the Lower Hudson Valley, in what is known as Garnerville, is

the GAGA Art Center,  where four artists are exhibiting distinct works engaged with books and words.   I am exhibiting a detail of The Unwinding Destiny Project (which is an ongoing installation and photography project ) Wrapped Up in Definitions which employs numerous 1900 dictionary pages wrapped scorched and underscored,  and an installation showing new hand threaded text messages from the Stop Holding Your Breath Series!
Artists Space