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Murrye Bernard on d|visible.com:

“In every creative endeavor, she is unique and experimental: two qualities that are evident in her art today.”

Ula Einstein’s work is, in a word, ephemeral. While it looks impressive in photos, they are also somewhat deceptive by failing to capture its intricacies: filmy layers, delicate threading, fine surface slices or topography-like depth. If you have the pleasure to view her work in person, it beckons you to move closer, to reach out and touch…

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Presenting at the NY Center for Architecture

slide presentation of selected works

Towards Anarchitecture, presentation and panel discussion – Fantastic Experience!!!

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By Murrye Bernard, LEED AP  Sept 2009
…Similarly, the work of artist Ula Einstein expresses spatial qualities. For “A Plan for Her,” she collected architectural drawings found on the street, added her own markings, and cut them into strips, that she wove through a found rack …
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