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Thank you Penny for discovering my work online and featuring it in ART on DECANTED DESIGN … Swiss born, NYC based artist Ula Einstein transforms…

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Ula Einstein, nyc artist, additive, subtractive processes, material interference

Everhart Museum Aug-Dec. 2011

Aug. 12 – Dec. 31, 2011

*Buds, Blooms & Berries: Plants in Science, Culture & Art

(artists who work with plant derivations)
Buds, Blooms & Berries: Plants in Science, Culture & Art  Where would we be if we didn’t have plants? Plants are undeniably important to every living creature on Earth. Food, shelter, health, culture and art are all dependent on the use of plants, both in tangible and figurative ways. Buds, Blooms & Berries is a multi-disciplinary exhibit highlighting the Everhart Museum’s scientific collections and its historic Twining Herbarium, ethnographic materials depicting plants and trees, and contemporary art reflecting how botanicals impact today’s societies and mindset. Plants are an important element of the world’s ecosystem, producing oxygen, consuming carbon dioxide, providing nourishment and aesthetic inspiration, as well as function for human and animal shelter and tools around the world. Plants are also some of the earliest living things as represented by fossils in the Museum’s permanent collection.

Echoes – mixed media installation, reconfigured semi orbs

Kosmos – drawing with fire, thread on rice paper ©Ula Einstein

FUTURECULTURE features Stop Holding Your Breath

Hand Made Lo-Tech Threaded Text Messages- gets posted on a blog by Douglas Turner


see this same album and purchase from here:

from the series: Stop Holding Your Breath ©Ula Einstein 2010

Books without Words, Words without Books June 2010

postcard for June 2010 exhibition

It turns out in the Lower Hudson Valley, in what is known as Garnerville, is

the GAGA Art Center,  where four artists are exhibiting distinct works engaged with books and words.   I am exhibiting a detail of The Unwinding Destiny Project (which is an ongoing installation and photography project ) Wrapped Up in Definitions which employs numerous 1900 dictionary pages wrapped scorched and underscored,  and an installation showing new hand threaded text messages from the Stop Holding Your Breath Series!
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