Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein, NYC. One of the works from Hybrid In(tervention) exhibited in FLUX Art Fair, NYC in May 2015!  I hand-cut, manipulate, re-metabolize, without prior sketching #skin #terrain #topography #aerialview #materialabstraction #surfacetension Ask me about commissions/

positive/negative space, hand cut, manipulate, materiality, abstraction

Absence/Presence (detail on the R) ©Ula Einstein

Einstein Revealed: Interview w/artbookguy

Here’s the in-depth Interview about my work
Included in “Hottest Artists to watch”

“Üla Einstein is a New York City-based artist who is remarkably in tune with her process. I would say she does a better job at describing her work and inspirations than many artists I’ve interviewed to date.”  From the humble to the sublime… – Michael Corbin

Mapping Autonomy - work in progress ©Ula Einstein

Mapping Autonomy – work in progress ©Ula Einstein

Featured in d|visible magazine

Murrye Bernard on d|visible.com:

“In every creative endeavor, she is unique and experimental: two qualities that are evident in her art today.”

Ula Einstein’s work is, in a word, ephemeral. While it looks impressive in photos, they are also somewhat deceptive by failing to capture its intricacies: filmy layers, delicate threading, fine surface slices or topography-like depth. If you have the pleasure to view her work in person, it beckons you to move closer, to reach out and touch…

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