from ordinary to transcendant: CT Opening

3 details from Hybrid Nature ©Ula Einstein

CONTEMPORARY SOUVENIRS  Gallery of Contemporary Art  Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
June Ahrens, ULA EINSTEIN, Constance Old, Joseph Fucigna,  Paul Villinski

Einstein’s expanded practice — exploring  the intrinsic link between destruction and creation – results in light, substantive works of art.

Opening Reception- Sunday, January 23rd  1:00 – 3:30 PM    dates: January 23 – March 3, 2011
Panel Discussion with the Artists:  after opening @  3:30

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Souvenirs are tokens of remembrance, mementoes that are cherished and saved. The works of art in Sacred Heart University’s upcoming Gallery of Contemporary Art exhibit entitled “Contemporary Souvenirs”reference the modern world around us and give credence to the old adage that “one person’s trash will be another’s treasure.”  It is the artistic use and interpretation of the discarded materials from our modern world that provides the foundation for this fascinating exhibition, curated by Laura G. Einstein. 
Generally, not much attention is paid to the mundane every-day objects that are ubiquitous in our 2011 cultural footprint.  The ritual transformation of remnants—including air conditioning filters, record albums, construction site materials, deer netting, receipts and more— into works of art, tracks from the minutiae to the grandiose.
The works in this exhibition make us wonder if there is a ritual of collecting for the participating artists June Ahrens of New Canaan, CT, Ula Einstein of NYC, Joseph Fucigna of Wilton, CT, Constance Old of New Canaan, CT, and Paul Villinski of Long Island City, NY.  Perhaps the works commemorate the notion that human beings are ephemeral but what we manufacture, in the long run, might not be.