Tools of her Trade

Here are some of the tools of my trade.   This ‘set up’ was the opening to the studio interview about my expanded art practice and process on La Biennale tv  –

I met the vibrant Italian women ( producer, and photographer) in NYC, from Labiennale tv in 2010 where they first saw my work at opening at exhibition in NYC.
Returning to NYC in 2011, they included a feature my work in their documentation about culture in NYC.

EinsteinTools of her Trade

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein

Absence/Presence ©Ula Einstein, NYC. One of the works from Hybrid In(tervention) exhibited in FLUX Art Fair, NYC in May 2015!  I hand-cut, manipulate, re-metabolize, without prior sketching #skin #terrain #topography #aerialview #materialabstraction #surfacetension Ask me about commissions/

positive/negative space, hand cut, manipulate, materiality, abstraction

Absence/Presence (detail on the R) ©Ula Einstein

FLUX Fair – NYC May 2015

multi-disciplinary, hand cut, bladecut, Tyvek, material, interference, conceptual, tactileExcited to let you know that my work from Hybrid Intervention created on #industrialhousingmaterial, Tyvek, will be exhibited at FLUX Fair, NYC located at the landmark Corn Exchange Building 81 East 125th St. and Park Avenue, NYC MAY 13 – 17th, Thur-Sat. 11-8pm, Sunday 11-6pm. MetroNorth, or 4,5,6 train take you right there.  

A contemporary art fair presenting 50 International Artists selected by a group of highly accomplished independent curators. Artworks address the central Curatorial Theme of the 21st Century Artist as a Nomad. FLUX Fair is a diverse, intimate, & progressive art fair with a global reach.

NYC, Flux Art Fair, Ula Einstein #industrialhousingmaterial

2015 In-depth Interview

Pleased to share the March In-depth INTERVIEW

My sensibility is that of a builder. Chance, control and uncertainty are collaborative elements in exploring the potential of tools and materials beyond their original function. Surfaces, alluding to skin, artifacts, topographies, are the tactile connection between the interior and exteriorI’m interested in what is not readily apparent; my frequent experience that things are not as they first appear.  I think about the human condition, in motion, beauty, and creative tensions
For the full interview click on the link:
Scales ©Ula Einstein from Hybrid In(ter)vention

Scales ©Ula Einstein
from Hybrid In(ter)vention