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The satisfaction of the creative impulse is a basic, biological need, essential to
the health of the individual.  Its aggregate effect on the health of society is inestimable“-Mark Rothko-

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Art appreciation-Guest Page

Jessica Roemischer, pianist/ transformational teacher (, MA

Dear Ula,
“Your work is exquisitely delicate and beautiful.  It refines our senses in a world that so often makes them more gross as we endeavor to cope and survive. Congratulations on your exhibitions.”

Heidi Heft LaPorte – Executive Director of the Tuska Institute
“Ula Einstein is a wonderful artist, her work is soulful, thoughtful, deeply inspiring and much of it also light and whimsical. She moves against the urge to rush, savoring every moment as she works through the images. This process begins as she thinks about the work, and continues until the work is completed. She works with time, not against it. It is an incredible experience to listen to her talk about her work, and even more amazing to experience the work itself. Each piece has its own voice, independent of the artist. It was a truly wonderful experience seeing your work live in exhibition.”

Elizabeth DeBold –  “Beautiful, Ula! Really exquisite. One–of many–that I loved was Cosmic Narrative. In all of them, the combination of strength and delicacy is wonderful”

Pamm Larry, CA writes:

“Oh, MY, Ula. A-mazing work. Wow.      And now that I’m looking at your work again, I continue to be flubbergusted in awe of your vision and how I want to touch, smell, taste dive into your work. The textures, the colors, the lines, the energy all draw me in. I hope to be in a city where you are exhibiting so I can do all that. Thanks so much for bringing your vision into form so that we are gifted with it.”

Mitzi Humphrey, VA “Beautiful work, Ula.  I’ll be back and stay longer . . . it was a pleasure!

Heike Vogel., NYC Lawyer

“I am glad that I got to see you this Saturday at your solo exhibition RESONANCE. Your exhibit and work are truly impressive. Michael liked your art as much as I do. He and I had a wonderful time, admiring your beautiful pieces.”

Risaria from the UK writes:

“I love your work Ula! Beautiful decay appeals to the archaeologist in me, the fascinating layers intrigue and draw me in. I hope one day you will display your work at the Baltic in Gateshead – a fantastic space especially for large scale work.”

KINDE Nebeker –
“Gorgeous, gorgeous work.  I am inspired and impressed. I love the femininity (energetically) of your work and the architectural nature of it as well. As a designer and one who has taught the fundamentals of design in a university school of architecture, I really resonate strongly with how you have captured the organic architecture of Life in your work” -UTAH

Gail Worley, NYC   “Hey Ula, work on your website looks great!”

Vinima A ~ California via India 

“I sooo love the sound of your name and am blown away by the creativity and ingenuity visible in your artwork. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork, it’s truly unique, very beautiful and authentic. I loved the piece with rice paper, mixed-media, and the messages you give on the egg shells…Good luck to you ” Vinima A

Beverly Straight ~ Vancouver, Canada

“A continent/country away I could sense the message in the spaces of your intricate artistry. Beyond paradox and opposition we are Oneness. Wisdom speaks through you, Ula, delicate and fearless. Sheer genius. -”

*Director and Curator Virginia Butera wrote me know she loved the article
and in her recent May 2010 blog post (Is there a Difference between Art & Craft?)
references the work of Lynne Allen, Ula Einstein, Judy Chicago, Kiki Smith

Jane Pilgrim

“I adore your work, Ula. It’s spectacular. Your pieces are so diverse and yet each one has its own special heart and soul. Thank you for using your incredible gift in the world and bringing it others such as me.”    – UNITED KINGDOM

Barbara P. producer

Ula’s work is among the masters Italian film Katia and Barbara shooting for


“Your work is unique and provocative and I can only imagine success coming your way.”
Patricia B, Michigan

Allyson Jacobs

“Ula’s work is simply in a class by itself”   Allyson Jacobs – fashion designer, and President of Arts for Progress

Bela M.,MI
“Ula – I love the entire Stop Holding Your Breath collection. The writings are very accessible and the art within and surrounding them provide a deeper meditation for the statements. My favorite is the “Clarity is the new sexy.” I think it speaks especially well to my generation.”  Thank you! “

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